BYF: minor, lots of cussing, romantic pda makes me uncomfy, i get jealous easily, i have anger issues lol

DNI IF: basic dni criteria, ppl under 13, kaeluc shippers, shane/gabbie/jeffree/tana, etc. stans

main at top, alts at bottom!



✦ intp-t, any prns (masc preferred!!), white asf, fourteen, acearo, scorpio, 11/21 ✦

TW/CW's: none, rly. i'll mention if i'm uncomfy

yes ✓
mythology, animals (especially cats and marine life!!), junk food, pepsi, anime, jrpgs/rpgs, candy, drawing/writing, chocolate, candy & sweets, dark colors/aesthetics, vocaloid, alt music, emo shit, otome games, fanfiction, fictional men!!
no ✗
being forced into social interactions/situations, trying new foods/things, 1st person pov, loud, sudden movements/noises, basically everything ngl, (drinking) water, school, hot foods, religous talk, overly preachy ppl (looking at you, mrs. collins), neon/bright colors, my family lol


rogue, trevor, grayson, caleb, harper, jaiden, nova, lisa, screech, fae, rune, kezu, wen, cait, jai, jun, jay, shrimp, yiv, mika, becca, fox, xai, you!!



✦ isfp-t, she/her, asian, minor, straight, taurus, 5/17 ✦

TW/CW's: N/A

yay ✓
writing, especially tense n action packed moments, dark chocolate, cute stickers, playing genshin & tears of themis, yandere fanfics, anime; mob psycho 100 and vanitas no carte r on my watch list ;))
nay ✗
horror movies, spiders and other big bugs, chalk (sorry albedo lol), crowded areas, toxicity, socializing in person, being & feeling ignored, disrespectful, rude and problematic ppl, school


yuu narukami, yoimiya, kaedehara kazuha, maki zenin, hakuryuu ren, makoto nijima, kojou sara, marius van hagen, shinobu kochou, you <33

BYF: tendency to overreact, sexual innuendos, has no filter (pls lmk if i say anything offensive)

DNI IF: basic dni criteria, ppl -13 or 18+ (unless i follow first), toxic wp author stans, invalidating others, kaeluc shippers